5 Best Reasons to Choose Surf Trips in Costa Rica

Thinking why do you surf in Costa Rica? Well! Where do you start? Surf trips in Costa Rica , just tick about every box on the wishlist. Long expanses of sandy beaches, year-round sunshine, temperature hovering around 27 °C, friendly and welcoming locals are waiting for you in Costa Rica.


The Costa Rica surf tours offer a fun-filled atmosphere with a great amalgam of tourists and locals with a real sense of adventure. No matter whether you choose a family surf adventure, off-the-beaten tour or just a relaxing surf and beach holiday, Costa Rica has it all on offer.


Though Costa Rica surf trips are perfect for first-timers and advanced surfers, there are a few big wave barrels to be had by those in the know! Below you’ll find a few reasons to take a Costa Rica surf holiday, no matter your ability:

Spectacular Coastline

What makes a Costa Rica spectacular destination for surf tours is that the country gets benefited from having surf on two coastlines – the Pacific and the Caribbean.


It will take hardly 5 hours to get from the Pacific coast to the Caribbean, making it possible to enjoy surfing in both the waters in a day. This means, your surf trip turns onshore the other goes offshore – which you can’t lose really!

Year-round Waves

As we discussed above, Costa Rica benefits from two coastlines and the benefit it does. Costa Rica won’t even reach the WSL Big Wave Standard – but enjoys the most consistent surf over the planet. It throws out more fun chest to head-high surf than almost anywhere.


But how is it possible? In fact, the Pacific side picks up swell from the southern hemisphere while winter (May-December) the north-west swells. While the Caribbean picks up wind swell and low-pressure systems from the winter Atlantic storms and tropical storms – that consequently move into the Caribbean in the late summer and early autumn.

First-timer Friendly Waves

Costa Rica offers the great surf on both the coastal region, including both and beach breaks, left and right, reefs and river mouths, and year-round waves.


The surf conditions in Costa Rica are perfect for first-timers around the world for the abundant safe setups.

Intermediate and Advanced Surfer-friendly Waves

The bigger swell season falls in the Pacific from May – November with waves vary from 4-6 feet and can reach up to triple times overhead. It makes great surfing conditions for both intermediate and advanced surfers in Costa Rica.

Uncrowded Heavy Waves

What makes Costa Rica such an amazing place for surfing is the amount of uncrowned heavy waves. Moreover, professional surfers – Brett Barley and Ryland Rubens went off the beaten path in Costa Rica for Surfer Magazine. You just play the video and get ready to surf your mind!!

Now think what’s waiting for you on your Costa Rica surf trips!

Conclusion –

At the end, it’s clear that wherever you end up going in Costa Rica, there’ll be great waves and great people to be found. These are all the reasons why surfers from all around the world flock to Costa Rica all year-round.


So, what’s on your bucket list? Want to try out some adventures like Brett Barley and Ryland Rubens? Take surf tours in Costa Rica through El Tubo Surf and get adrenaline pumping experiences to cherish forever!!

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